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Facialist Esthetetician

Angel Energy Healing

The word Angel means Messenger. Angels are made out of light. Angels are Light & Love. Light heals and Love heals. Energy is medicine-it is the agent for healing in Energy Medicine. Energy is in everything. We are surrounded by Energy just like we are surrounded by Angels. Combined a wonderful, mirculous, healing can occur with intentionality. as I channel my Divine Healing Light & Love, a clearing blocked energy is released to infuse your free flowing energy again that promotes health and wellness.

Angelic Energy Healing has a much higher vibration I have learned AND I have experienced those mirculous healings myself which is what inspired me to share my spiritual knowledge of guided healings with you.

My soul purpose, is to share my Angelic Energy Healing, and to share my love & light to heal you!

1 Hour Angelic Energy Healing $80 (Top Buy Now Button)

30 Minute Angelic Energy Healing $40 (Bottom Buy Now Button)

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