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East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki address both chronic and cute conditions, gently and powerfully promoting balance among all the body's systems and the regenerative processes of the body and mind.

Reiki offers comfort, nurture and support for the good health and balance of your mind, body and emotions.

It improves the immune system and nervous system and increases mobility in patients with conditions with multiple sclerosis, lupus, and fibromyalgia. It alleviates pain and anxiety It promotes healing pre- and postsurgical.


Chakra Balancing

Our chakras are the 7 spinning energy vortexes of multicolored light as "hot spot'' of energy pathways known as meridians.

Our chakras are influenced by everything we do, and go in and out of alignment and balance naturally while the flow of this energy is directly effected by our thoughts, emotions, health, and state of mind. From little stresses, minor illnesses, chronic and acute pain and leading the fast pace lifestyles we do today, our chakra need to be re-aligned to eliminate dis-ease of the mind, body and emotions.

When we have closed chakras, we wll have an array of physical, mentally, emotionally disturbances. A chakra balancing clears these energy blocks to a healthier state of well-being


With Crystals (Highest Vibration)

Wellness Personal Coaching

We offer Individual, Group or Intensive Coaching Programs.

Each of our programs are based on your specific concerns, challenges, obstacles that are preventing you from being your very best in life.

Maybe it's professionally, or personally drained and just tired of the hamster wheel cycle, emotionally feeling stuck, financially never have enough money or physically held back from chronic pain, acute, weight issues, emotional eating, no energy and overwhelmed with "stuff" that is just making you feel stressed and consumed!

May I suggest, it may be time for advice, support, guidance, empowerment from an experienced Wellness Life Coach. As your Wellness Coach, I understand first hand how to make a break through all of those obstacles on every level mentally, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually to help you make the neccessary changes that will empower you to a healthier, happier, more loving fantastic life that is waiting for You!

Together, we will work toward reaching your goals every step of the way.

I have helped many clients on their personal journey to abundance and I can help you too!

If your ready to live the life you only dream about, let's start by taking your first step today by setting up your consultation.

Consultation $80. (applied to your program)

Programs that fit every budget.

Specializing in:


Energy Medicine




Mind Body Connection



Skin Hair Nail Care Health





Pricing & Programs are individually customized at time of consultation.

Reflexology is different from a standard foot massage. In Foot Reflexology, pressure is applied systematically to specific spots on the feet to stimulate different parts of the body, including the internal organs.

For example, pressing the toes can help to clear the sinuses, and pressing near the heel improve digestion. Reflexology charts maps out which spots on the feet correspond to which body parts.

The goal of Foot Reflexology is to normalize function and increase blood circulation throughout the body, resulting in better health overall. Itis also used to complement treatment for certain medical conditions.

Foot Reflexology sessions are given with the client lying or reclining comfortable. The practitioner sits at the feet. Sessions begin with standard massage techniques, and movement of the joints in the ankle, foot, and toes. Direct pressure is then applied systematically over the entire foot using specialized Reflexology techniques such as thumb walking, hook and backup, direct fingertip and thumb pressure, and squeezing.

Foot Reflexology sessions typically last 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

A Foot Reflexology session may also be included within a standard massage 40./80. 

Massage is an age-old remedy and health practice.

It is found in all major civilizations past and present.

From Roman baths to modern day spas and health clubs, massage has been recognized for its health enhancing effects. The healing systems of many cultures, including our own, use hands-on therapy to soothe aches and pains and facilitate the body's own healing power.

From infancy to old age, massage has been found to enhance general health and well-being. 

Combat the Negative Effects of Aging

  • It helps keep body tissues and basic functions in a more youthful state.

  • Enhances tissue elasticity and joint flexibility

  • Promotes healthy vibrant skin

  • Improves the immune system functioning

Relieves the Effects of Stress

  • Triggers the Relaxation Response to promote healiing

  • Relaxes tense muscles

  • Reduces anxiety level

  • Normalizes blocked energy flow

  • Restores a calm mind and feeling of well-being

  • Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin

  • Improves circulation of blood and lymph

  • Improves your energy flow

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